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Nikkei Business Daily Covered Longan Vision and FVS


Zhenhan Ma from Longan Vision


Nikkei Business Daily Introduced Longan Vision and FVS with the New Concept "X-Reality"

"Nikkei Business Daily covered Longan Vision Corp. and our product Fusion Vision System on 1/06/2021 report. In the article, Nikkei has introduced a new concept -“X-Reality” which stands a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. Human use X-Reality, robots, and wearable device to greatly expand human abilities such as five senses, cognition, and body strength. And the augmented technology can enhance human ability by breaking through the limits of human vision. Moreover, it introduced Longan Vision and FVS as we are aiming developing an AR goggles for firefighters to see through smoke, locate victims and fire sources in the hazardous environment.

For more information, please visit or Longan Vision LinkedIn website

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