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AR startup Longan Vision, based out of The Forge, recently won a national research bid for a $200,000 contract offered by Innovative Solutions Canada and funded by the Department of National Defense (DND).

The contract was for the company’s innovative efforts in providing a long-term solution that will help Canadian firefighters work in a more Head-Up Hands-Free mode of operation on the ground. Additionally, they exhibited at CES in Las Vegas in early January and became the IEEE N3XT® Star, for having a venture that has engineering-driven innovation at its core, aligning with the IEEE core purpose to foster technology, innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Longan Vision is a company that focuses on developing smart goggles to improve safety and efficiency. Currently, they are developing the Fusion Vision System [FVS], which is an AR Smart Visor System that can be attached to a firefighter’s helmet to enhance vision and information sharing abilities that allow firefighters to see through smoke, locate victims and find fire sources.

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