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Longan Vision Shares Vision for Next-Gen First Responders


Rob Scott from XRtoday


Longan Vision, an innovator in enhanced communication and vision devices, recently shared its vision for a new generation of first responder technology. The business, initially launched in 2018, has been working tirelessly to find ways of supporting the most valuable groups in our society, including fire fighters, police officers, and more.

Longan Vision is based in the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario today. However, the company is quickly gaining attention around the world for its innovation in the AR and vision environment. The release of the company’s flagship project could mark a powerful step forward in the way that emergency services operate.

The Fusion Vision System (FVS) represents a powerful step forward into the future of firefighting, through an innovative augmented reality helmet.

I spoke to the inspiring Enzo Jia, CEO of Longan Vision, to learn more about the company’s pioneering technology, and plans for the future.

What is Fusion Vision System? (FVS)
The flagship product of the Longan Vision company is the Fusion Vision System, or FVS. According to Enzo, this is an incredible augmented reality visor which attaches to a firefighter’s helmet, to provide invaluable information in dangerous situations.

The FVS delivers enhanced information and content sharing abilities that support firefighters in connecting and collaborating in complex environments. With the technology, firefighters can essentially see through smoke, locate victims, examine the structure of a building, and even check for fire sources.

The FVS solution combines advanced AR technology with enhanced materials and coatings to ensure the technology remains durable in high-temperature scenarios. Enzo notes that the technology tackles four of the primary pain points fire fighters face in a rescue situation, such as poor visibility, spatial disorientation, limited communication, and inability to detect the source of a fire.

“It’s a unique AR technology with thermal imaging and edge detection built-in to assist firefighters in avoiding obstacles and hazards. The technology includes access to environmental analysis, remote image sharing, and communication tools. Plus, it can attach to various kinds of helmets, and is ergonomically balanced for comfort.”
The FVS is also designed to meet the NFPA 1801 standards for thermal imaging.

Why Did You Choose Fire Fighters?
Enzo told me that the Longan Vision company had many conversations with companies to determine how it could best use cutting-edge technology to solve significant real-world problems. The company explored opportunities in the manufacturing space and assembly line, as well as various parts of the emergency services landscape.

“We feel that fire departments are currently in most need of a solution like this. They’re already using cameras to help with entering a burning building, but they’re often forced to hold these cameras when trying to rescue people, making their job more difficult, and dangerous.”
Longan Vision came up with the FVS idea to provide firefighters with a simple visor which attaches to their helmet. “We believe that the more time we’re saving firefighters, the more they’re able to save lives. We’re helping firefighters thrive in these life-or-death situations.”

What Has the Response Been Like?
The Fusion Vision System is a unique approach to supporting emergency service professionals in dangerous situations. The AR device can withstand extreme conditions, like those faced by firefighters on a regular basis. Handsfree operation allows professionals to perform duties quickly, and safely, paving the way for more lives saved.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback so far. This technology far outshines the solutions that firefighters have been using before now, and we can see a lot of opportunity for continued growth an improvement in the future.”
According to Enzo, when speaking to firefighters and fire chiefs, the Longan Vision team have already been told that the technology is a game changer. “Firefighters see this technology as something that can make a real difference to the way they work. They’re solving a host of problems by placing all the information they need in an easy-to-access environment, on their helmet.”

The Fusion Vision System provides firefighters with information they need most in difficult situations. Professionals can track vital information, check the direction they need to go, and even examine whether an object hidden by smoke is a person, or simply debris.

What’s Next for FVS and Longan Vision?
As the technology available for wireless connections continues to evolve, FVS will be able to continue helping customers on a greater scale. Currently, the FVS headset can work in an environment where there are low 4G and mobile connections, thanks to the company’s innovative mesh system. The mesh system works by creating a hotspot within every firefighter from a connectivity perspective. The more people on the scene, the better the signal becomes.

“We can deliver a lot more information in environments with 5G connections, however, because the bandwidth we have access to is a lot greater.”
As connectivity opportunities continue to increase in various parts of the world, tools like the FVS solution could become an even more immersive way for professionals in the emergency services to get the insights and information they need to stay safe and help more people. Firefighters could see a complete 3D scan of a building before they walk in and send updates of the environment to their colleagues in real-time as they move.

According to Enzo, firefighters are only the beginning of Longan Vision’s strategy for the future. Going forward, the company believes that it can continue to help a wide selection of other groups and companies. Already, the brand is in talks with various defence sector groups about potential projects. Additionally, Enzo believes that there are great opportunities in the oil, gas, pipeline inspection and mining spaces, thanks to the durability of the FVS technology.

We can’t wait to see how Longan Vision continues to help other industries thrive. If you want to know more information, please visit:

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