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FVS Field Demonstration in Lambton College Fire School


Andrew Leaman from Longan Vision


Longan Vision wants to extend a huge thank you to our fantastic friends at Lambton College Fire School! On July 23rd, Longan Vision was able to bring the latest Fusion Vision System device for early-stage field demonstrations with staff and instructors from the Lambton College Fire School.

Enzo Jia and Andrew Leaman from Longan Vision were outfitted to be part of these demonstrations. This provided a firsthand experience of what a firefighter can go through under various situations. We truly appreciate being part of the firefighter crew for a day and you'll see more content over the comings days from our demonstration so you may see what we experienced.

Our team collectively had an amazing time, and we want to again thank Murray Pound, Manager of Fire School Operations, and his team for making the day amazing.

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