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Alex Shortt, CTO of Longan Vision will Participate 5G for Emergency Response: Connected Technologies by Invest Ottawa


Invest Ottawa


Calling emergency response solution developers in AR/VR, IoT and Emergency Management Systems

Join us on March 18 to gain access to industry insights, learn about funding, expert resources and 5G pre-commercial testbeds – for FREE!

The market for global incident response and emergency management is expected to reach $38.9 billion by 2025. Advanced technologies like 5G networks, heads-up displays and IoT devices change not only the responder but also the incident management team. Discover the pain points of your potential clients in emergency response such as firefighters, paramedics and police departments.

What you will learn:

Use cases from leading innovators in this space
The users’ perspective – what challenges are emergency and incident responders facing?
Investor’s perspective - what product positioning is favourable to acquisition?
The multi-national's perspective – which elements in the market are best served by entrepreneurs?
Diverse panelists represent the interest of end users, investors, entrepreneurs and market leaders. Meet the panel:

Alex Shortt is Co-Founder and CTO of Longan Vision. Longan Vision is an Ontario-based startup that focuses on developing smart products to improve work experience and efficiency for first responders. Alex will discuss how access to pre-commerical 5G testbed and resources impacted his company and provide advice for other SMEs in this field.

The reporter is written by Invest Ottawa and the original website link is:

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