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Human Temperature Screening for

COVID-19 Pandemic

Longan Vision is proud to introduce Gatekeeper.

This solution is for fast, multi-person temperature measurements in densely populated areas. By utilizing thermal imaging technology and an automatic face detection system, Gatekeeper provides relative human skin temperatures in real-time.

Gatekeeper Application Scenario

  • Large-scale body temperature monitoring in public places.

  • Enable multi-point warning and tracking.

  • AI platform to avoid false-positives from other heat-generating objects

  • High degree of target accuracy

How does it work?

How the device works:

  1. The Gatekeeper Measurement Component (GMC) provides a fixed temperature of 37°C.

  2. The Gatekeeper Camera Component (GCC) reads the temperature as the reference.

  3. The built-in image processing program takes the information from the GCC and produces a visual image of high-lighted visitors to provide an alert message.

  4.  4. Once an elevated temperature is detected, the organization is responsible to determine how to best handle the situation with the individual identified.




The Gatekeeper can be placed in various locations, but the most prudent is at the front of the store where customers enter. The Gatekeeper is setup to transmit the information to staff who monitor to ensure people entering do not have an elevated skin temperature, while being at a safe distance.

Grocery Store


The Hospital environment is a place where lives are on the line constantly. The Gatekeeper device is a tool that can assist with making additional decisions by the highly trained staff of the Hospitals.



Airports and other transportation centers are a hotspot for any virus as they can spread easily in a sealed vehicle like bus or airplane. Thus, it is important to ensure that transport centers are free of the virus and suspected cases. The Gatekeeper offers multi-person detecting capacity for crowds from the entrances and provide accurate measurements for those monitoring.



When businesses reopen, their may be a large scale influx of people wanting to shop again. The Gatekeeper provides a  non-invasive and no-direct-contact device to help keep businesses and customers safe.


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