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Additional Solutions

The technology developed by Longan Vision is not limited to just the fire service, nor just a physical hands-free device. Our technology and solutions impact a wide range of mission critical and life threating scenarios.

Search & Rescue Teams

Thermal technology is used frequently in disaster relief scenarios. Being able to see a person's body heat greatly increases the chance of finding someone. However, if the technology requires use of the hands, it can become cumbersome and time consuming. Our hands-free technology allows for rescue workers to search quicker and use their hands. This helps save lives faster.

Military Scenarios

Helping the military digitize is a priority for Longan Vision. We are a proud Canadian company and strong backer of the NATO alliance. By using hands-free technology and more digital equipment, we are helping reduce the need for outdated equipment that is known to cause musculoskeletal issues amongst wearers and ensuring our military is using the most advanced technology possible.

Software Solutions

Our company is not just a hardware company, but a Full Solution Provider. We have various expertise related to thermal imaging, command terminals and other items. If your organization is looking at using thermal imaging technology for different types of data gathering, we can help.

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